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FlexiPro - Adjustable Metal Tripod Stand for Heavy Duty Speakers 1.8M

FlexiPro - Adjustable Metal Tripod Stand for Heavy Duty Speakers 1.8M

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FlexiPro Support: Elevate your Listening Experience to New Heights

Experience versatility and convenience with the FlexiPro stand, designed to meet your audio needs impeccably. Our stand offers you the flexibility you need, with a telescopic center column that easily adjusts from 1 meter to 1.8 meters, giving you complete control over the height of your speakers.


Stability at Every Frequency

The tripod design with a central brace ensures unwavering stability, even in the most demanding conditions. You can rest assured that your equipment will be in good hands. Plus, its heavy-duty metal construction ensures long-term durability.

Universal Compatibility

With a 35mm tube, the FlexiPro is suitable for any type of speaker. It is the ideal choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike. Take your performances and DJ sets to the next level.

Ready for action

When the music is over, our stand folds compactly for easy storage and transport. Whether at home or on stage, this stand is your ideal companion.

Main features:

  • Adjustable: from 1 meter to 1.8 meters
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Support weight: Only 1.72 Kg

FlexiPro is the support that will enhance your sound, giving you the versatility and reliability you need. Don't compromise on quality, choose FlexiPro and take your listening experience to new heights.
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